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While most clients plans start around $200.00 for 14 meals, not everyone fits into a one size category. Each of my clients are uniquely different; each having their own wants and needs when it comes to the type of food, frequency of cook-dates, and when they need me to come. Your needs will not be like anyone else, therefore, you really are choosing a service style that is designed specifically for your lifestyle. After our meeting I will prepare a customized meal plan based on your dietary needs and desires.

Please contact The Pot and Kettle today for pricing information for your unique needs and no longer worry about "What's for Dinner?"

Personal Chef Services

Classes and dinner party classes typically range between $80 and $175. Pricing depends on the number of people and if the class is lecture/demo or hands on.

Please contact The Pot and Kettle today to discuss your needs and plan your menu.

Romantic dinners for two begin at $125 for the evening. Contact The Pot and Kettle now to begin  transforming your dining room into the VIP table at a fine dining restaurant.


Private Dinner Service