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Though I have been working within professional kitchens and private homes for over 17 years, my passion for cooking came at a very young age. My fondest memories are centered around cooking. Whether it was standing on a stool next to my grandmother to help bake or the first time I saw my grandfather shuck an oyster, they are held close to my heart.

However, my dearest memories are of my father, both in our home kitchen and while camping.  My father can look into the bleekest of pantries and create a gourmet meal. Some people just understand food and he is one of those people. I owe a lot of my culinary instincts and adventurous attitude in the kitchen to him.

When it came time for me to  get my first job it was no surprise I applied to every restaurant in town. I worked my way up learning every position, both front and back of the house. After high school, I moved to New York City to pursue my hunger for culinary knowledge. I enrolled at The Art Institute of New York City, where within 3 years I graduated with three degrees in Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Pastry Arts. My formal training included nutrition, dietetics, and food safety and sanitation.

During my 10 year stay in New York City, I worked in a number of Manhattans' top restaurants as well as seasonal positions at resorts in the Hamptons. I explored every opportunity I was presented with to broaden and fine tune my craft.

After moving back to Connecticut to be closer to my family, I began to realize there were two major things missing in people's lives that I felt very strongly about. The dinner table and real, home cooked food.  Having grown up in a home where dinner was had as a family I know the power it had in my life. It was the time to discuss the day and to stay in touch with the people you loved.  Additionally, the table wasn't set with fast food or chemical riddled sludge. Rather our kitchen invited you in with its warm aromas and our plates were filled with a home cooked meal.

However in today's society of two income households and a list of extracurricular activities, who has the time to spend planning out meals, shopping and cooking? So I set out to do just that, give time back to busy families and business professionals. Not only did I give people the gift of time, but I began helping people rid their diet of health debilitating fast foods and over processed chemically enhanced foods. I accomplished this by providing them  affordable amazing food they had only seen in magazines and high end restaurants.

I invite you to take the opportunity for me to help you reclaim your time.