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Aren't personal chefs for the rich and famous?

NO WAY! Why do they get all the fun? Actually a majority of people who hire me as their personal chef fall into one of the following categories.

  • Busy professionals

  • Families inundated with 2 jobs and a full after school schedule

  • New mothers

  • Seniors who are capable of living on their own but need a little assistance in the kitchen

  • People with special dietary needs

  • Those who wish to lose weight

  • People who cringe at the thought of cooking

  • And of course those who want people to think they are rich and famous.

Can I afford a personal chef?

Most people are surprised by this, but the answer is YES.  Let's take a look at this real quick.

First, how much is 15 hours a weeks of your time worth? That is the average time taken to plan, drive to and from the grocery store, shop and prepare dinner each week.

Next, the average individual spends $6,433 a year on groceries and the average household spends $ 14,508 a year. That doesn't include dining out nor do those numbers state just how many groceries ended up going bad and in the trash because of your busy schedule.

Finally, after our meeting you will find that not only can you afford to hire me, but you will most likely be saving money and gaining 15 hours back of your life!

Do you cook in my kitchen?

Yes I do. On our set cook date, I will come to your home after shopping for all fresh ingredients and  prepare your meals. When I am finished the only indicator of my visit to your home is a fully stocked refrigerator and aroma of home cooked food.

Do I need any special equipment in my kitchen for your service?

Absolutely not! The only thing I need to prepare your beautiful meals is your stove, some counter space and your refrigerator. I bring my own professional equipment, and do not use any of yours.

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